3D Scanning

Enomalies offers 3D scanning of environments and objects as a service.

Environment Scans are full depth-measurable scans that put you in the middle of the scanned environment, giving you the ability to look and walk around anywhere in the scan.

These scans are useful for:

  • Realty

  • Construction

  • Insurance Purposes

  • Damage assessement

  • Historic Preservation

  • Virtual Walkthroughs

  • Gaming Environments

  • Archeology

Object Scans capture the 3D information of a standalone object. We use a variety of scanning methods depending on the level of detail, accuracy, and resolution requirements of the job. The objects can then either be inspected in software or 3D printed. 

These scans are useful for:

  • Historical and Archaeological preservation

  • Non-intrusive inspection and measurement

  • Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping

  • Medical Implant Creation

  • Surgical Planning

Residential Real Estate Pricing for Scans and 3D Tours

House Size (sq ft)Price
Up to 2000$300
2001 - 3000$350
3001 - 4000$400
4001 - 5000$450
Over 5000Contact Us!
Commercial PropertiesContact Us!
Single Room Remodeling ShowcaseContact Us!


What's Included With Each Project?

3D Walkthrough
An immersive online 3D experience that gives buyers a true sense of the feeling of your property before they even see it in person!
Dollhouse View
Get a unique feeling of the space and layout of a house

Floorplan View
View each floorplan individually

Shareable Links
Get links to advertise your new 3D Space on social media and MLS listings.
Highlight Reel (8 images)
Feature up to 8 views within your 3D space on the Highlight Reel!

2 Exterior 360 Views
Showcase the beautiful backyard or elegant gated driveway with 360 View Photos

Virtual Reality Link
Share the VR link so customers can view your 3D Space in their VR Headset
6 months of Showcase Hosting
Your showcase is hosted for up to 6 months with no subscription fees.

Bowling Green / Warren County

Contact Michael Schmidt for projects in Bowling Green / Warren County and surrounding areas. (Travel charge may apply for projects outside Warren County)


Lexington / Fayette County

Contact Bill Gregory for projects in Lexington / Fayette County and surrounding areas. (Travel charge may apply for projects outside Fayette County)


Optional Features

Professional Asset Bundle - $120
For engineers and architects, this bundle includes a colorized XYZ pointcloud, reflected ceiling plans, floor plans and the 3D Mesh data (.obj)
Floor Plans - $50
Get PDF and PNG floor plans, accurate to between 1% and 2% of reality.
POI Tags (up to 8) - $20
Add descriptions, images, or video to your walk through, pinned wherever you want in the scan!

360° Area Views (up to 2) - $50
Showcase the neighborhood or area attractions with off-site 360° photos

Extra 360° Exterior Views (up to 4) - $50
Add more exterior views to your package to really showcase the property
Attached Garage Scan - $25
Show off the garage capacity

Out Building Scan (1000 sqft or less) - $85
Show off workshops or guesthouses

Premium Guided Tour and 2D Video - $100
A step above the included Highlight Reel, this tour seamlessly guides your clients through the house, showcasing specific rooms and features. Also includes a 2D video of the tour for use in advertising.
Room Labels - $15
Add descriptive labels to your dollhouse and floorplan views
Dimensions (up to 8) - $25
Get 2D Images of rooms with dimensional labels added. Accurate to within 1% of reality.
High Resolution Still Photos (up to 15) - $50
Why hire a photographer after you've done a 3D scan? Ready for MLS, web, or printing.
Extended Hosting Agreement - $50/yr
Need to host your property for longer than 6 months? We've got you covered!