Enomalies Aids in Underwater Scanning

Pushing the Bounds of 3D Scanning

A team of four divers braved the below freezing temps in December to make a trip to Bonne Terre Mine, a popular dive site located south of St. Louis, Missouri. The dive's purpose was to test the limits of a new 3D imaging system designed for extreme environments, even at 60 feet below water. World-renowned archeologist Chris Begley, a National Geographic explorer and anthropology professor at Transylvania University, and Dr. Laurence Hassebrook, esteemed professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Kentucky known for his work in 3D Data Acquisition, Pattern Recognition, and Artificial Intelligence, teamed up to test out their new scanning rigs. The researchers were accompanied by the prototyping and commercialization experts from Enomalies. The trip was a huge success both as proof that structured light scanning can work in extreme conditions, and as a torture test for the prototype units manufactured by Enomalies.

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