TIG: Tactile Imaging Group

Tactile Imaging Group - CT Data You Can Hold

Combining advanced 3D imaging with the current advances in rapid prototyping allows us to offer a novel method of exploring patient conditions. The Tactile Imaging Group, a subsidiary of Enomalies, has partnered with local surgeons to help provide the best in patient care, bringing an entirely new dimension to diagnosis and treatment. Our models have been used in several different manners, from educating tomorrows physicians to aiding in prosthetic development and manufacture. The possibilities truly are limitless.  

The expertise held by the Tactile Imaging Group isn't isolated to just medical imaging. Utilizing structured light data capture, we can generate 3D point clouds of nearly anything. That data is then converted in-house and can be prototyped in a multitude of materials, sizes and formats. From art history to archaeology to fun at a children's museum, we've done it all.